Frequently asked questions

Hekouky offers you everything you need legally to start your own business

How much time does it take to register my entity ?

Normally 7 to 10 working days on average.
Some company types take more time than others.

What is the best structure (company type) should I register my entity as?

If you follow our flow step by step, the Hekouky platform will tell you what company type you should use and how much this will cost. The answer to this questions depends on a variety of factors such as but not limited to:
1- the number of shareholders.
2- the activity you are undertaking.
3- your preferred initial capital.

What is the required documents I need to start the registration process ?

Hekouky needs three documents from you to get you sorted
1- A power of attorney document.
2- A copy of your national ID and a copy of all of your shareholder’s national IDs.
3- An address to register your company to (if you don’t have an office - you can register your entity to a virtual office in a co-working space.
Call us on 0127 779 5735 for more information)

What is the minimum initial capital I can register my company with?

That depends entirely on the company type. For example, a single member company’s minimum initial capital is 50K EGP while a sole proprietorship does not (typically) require a minimum initial capital. Call us on 0127 779 5735 to know what the minimum initial capital of your chosen company type.

Do I have to own or rent an office to register my company ?

No - if you do not have an office yet you can temporarily register your entity to your home address (in some but not all cases). Hekouky can also register your entity to a virtual office at Consoleya or Ufirst. Contact us for more information on this.

If I am a solo founder, I have no partners, can I register a company?

Yes you can, you can register a single member company or a sole proprietorship. Contact us and we will sort this out for you.