Yasser saad

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حول Yasser saad ياسر سعد

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16 years experience in the legal profession - Business - Administrative - Family- other cases

Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Cairo University, Beni Suef Branch, in 2005, Graduated from Cairo University, Beni Suef Branch, in 2005.
He has been working as a lawyer since 2006
Member of the General Committee for Lawyers' Rights and Guarantees
Member of the Freedoms Committee
Member of the Front for Defending the Independence of the Bar Association
Member of the Front for the Defense of Egypt Protesters
Member campaign Minimum for Justice for Lawyers
Founding member of the Legal Cooperative to Support Labor Awareness
Lawyer of some trade union committees and general unions
Received many provisions related to the right and the right to organize
Participate in defense cases for those affected by forced eviction
Concerned about rights and freedoms, especially with regard to economic and social rights, is biased towards workers and women as marginal, persecuted groups and adopts cases to defend them before the courts, especially with regard to the rights of trade union organization.




  • Civil Law
  • Business Law
  • Family law
  • Other

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