Our Vision

Making the Law accessible to all

Our Mission 

mission is delivering simplified, accessible legal materials and platforms to understand the law and legal services that will make the law accessible to everyone.

Unlike our competitors we offer in depth – yet simpHekouky le- understanding of the transactions that will take place.

Our product is designed to make everyone’s experience with the law convenient, understandable and most importantly: simple


Who are we?

Hekouky is a legal technology company that uses technology to simplify the legal transactions for MSMEs and to make legal transactions simpler for them. 
Hekouky was launched in 2020, offering legal services through our online platforms. Our current services are company incorporation and trademark registration.
At Hekouky, we trust that we offer the fastest and simplest service in the market.
Hekouky has been incubated by Mint by EgyBank and Cairo Angels spring 2021, and accelerated by Google for startups Accelerator 2021.

Our Founders

May Abdel Bary