Trademark registration steps in Egypt.

What are the required documents to apply for registration? How much time is required to get it all sorted? Who can register their trademark in Egypt?


We will tell you everything you need to get started and protect one of your most valuable assets, your intellectual property.


  • What are the required documents to register your trademark?

    You should provide your lawyer with 5 copies of your logo and the original copy of your power of attorney document. 
  • At this point, we need to ask: would you like to register your logo to your company? Would you like to register it under your name? If the registration is for a company you need to provide your lawyer a recent copy of your commercial registration. If it’ll be under your name, you need to provide your ID. 

  • What is the process of the registration?
    You have the option of opting for the evaluation of the logo before you register it. This will take up to one month, at the end of which you will know whether or not your logo can in fact be registered to you no problem. You can also opt out of this evaluation and simply wait to see at the end of the process if your registration was successful or not. The registration can usually take up to  a year to be completed.

  • How can you register your trademark ?
    On the Hekouky website you can follow the required steps and we can get it sorted for you. 


  • Who has the right to register their trademark in Egypt?
    Any Egyptian or foreigner can apply to register his or her trademark in Egypt.

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