Importance of registering trademark for Startups

As a startup owner providing services or products, you need to have a trademark/logo to make your product unique in the market.


To be able to protect the trademark from imitation or exploitation, it needs to be registered.

What is a trademark? How can you protect it? Why should you register it? What are the differences between the trademark and the commercial name? How long can the protection of the trademark last? 

  • What is the trademark and how can you protect it?

The trademark is your company’s logo.  To conduct business well, you should register and choose a special and innovative trademark.

  • What is the difference between your trade name and your trademark?

Your tradename is the registered name in the commercial register (your company’s name on paper). This name is used in contracts, taxes, and other activities. Your company’s name (on paper) and the name you have trademarked can be different.

  • What is the duration of legal protection to the trademark?

The registration provides legal protection for the trademark. This usually lasts up to 10 years.

The owner of the trademark then has a  6  months grace period to renew the trademark. 

  • How can you take advantage of registering the trademark?

Upon registration, you will own your trademark and you can use it without any legal issues. You can then also, if you wish, give  permission or licence to another person or entity to use said trademark. 

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